Tiger Leaping Gorge


The scenic canyon on the Jinsha River rests between 5596m Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and 5396m Haba Snow Mountain in Yunnan, China.

DSC_0469 From internet, Tiger Leaping Gorge is the deepest and narrowest gorge in the world. I can’t say anything about this information because it’s the unique gorge I’ve visited. However this is the most marvelous and adventurous trek that I’ve ever experienced.

DSC_0413 The trekking trail [high path] runs on high elevation [around 2700m] on one side of the gorge passing through many breathtaking views:

Terraced farmlands: DSC_0428 Steep mountain cliff: DSC_0611 Shady forest: DSC_0537It was raining in the first day of our trek. The rain became heavy sometimes. So the trail became very dangerous, strenuous, and slippery. Especially in the last switchbacks, we had to use ‘4 arms’ to pass that part. DSC_0462   The trail narrows down to a width of 20cm in some parts… DSC_0578 … and looking down is a great rush… DSC_0475

Stayed one 1 night in the Half Way hostel which has run by a Naxi family. The owner was very friendly, good English-speaking. Although the bathrooms and toilets were quite smelly, I wouldn’t complain anything to this hostel. After an exhausted day, we had a steaming hot meal, thick and warm blankets, especially a stunning view from the hostel’s terrace. I was feeling good.


Uphill on the first day, and downhill on the second day. It was sunny on the second day, everything looked perfectly.


The trail on the second day was easier to hike than the first day. However, we had some difficult moments when crossing a waterfall on the 20cm narrow slippery trail.

DSC_0681After beating that part, the longer road we trekked, the less spectacular view we saw. Anyway, it’s still great.



I had the craziest moment on the way that was I stood on the jutted-rock top, only deep canyon around me.


My teammates screamed like crazy when I crept to there. I was kidding that it would have been easy to find me if I had fallen down due to my colorful outfit :)). It was not my intention though. I still feel creepy whenever thinking of that moment.

The trekking is easy to be done without a guide. Just follow the yellow and blue arrow crossing the road.


ZJJ – part 5: Cliffs


We said that we would post some more pictures soon, but we delayed it until now.

The pictures we are going to show here are what Zhangjiajie is all about. It’s one of the most eye-catching incredible spots we’ve ever seen.

Tianbo Mansion



Corridor in the Cliffs





Amazing karst formations in Wulingyuan area:


Getting there:

1. Arriving Guangzhou by 2-hour flight, we took a high speed train to Changsa, capital of Hunan province. There are plenty of ways to Zhangjiajie: by train, by air, by bus. We took  a night train with hard sleeper at 11:00 pm to Zhangjiajie, though bus is more convenient. It normally takes 5hrs by train/bus to arrive the destination.

2. Without tour guide, getting lost is easy. We booked a private tour from a Chinese Tourist company. The first day, we were quite disappointed because of very bad services and attitudes. However, we were very pleased since the second day when we met another tour guide. A young girl who spoke English fluently could help you to make the unforgettable vacation. I write her email here in case if you guys want to make a chance to visit Zhangjiajie: Gaby – chrishui1108@yahoo.cn.

3. Must see: Garden in the air or Corridor in the cliffs, One Step to Heaven ==> These places are quieter than others. The path is running on the top of the peaks. It’s carved over the cliffs. We need to hike up and down, up and down. Both exciting and exhausted!

Avatar area, Tianbo Mansion: it’s bursting with loud tourists.

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ZJJ – part 4: Floating mountains


The spectacular site that they believe we have a real Pandora planet on the Earth, not only in Avatar movie by James Cameron anymore. The only difference is mountains in ZJJ are not floating peaks. Though we were hopelessly crazily searching for naked blue skin N’avi people, we made the best trip ever. With 2 days of long distance hiking in park, we hiked, we run, we were surrounded by trees and mountains. When we were tired, we were inspired from sounds of birds… Needless to say, hope you guys who are stopping by enjoy the show 😀

It’s called Avatar area ^_* [Of course it was renamed after Avatar film]



Scenes on the way to Hallelujah mountain



And here is Hallelujah Mountain. The mountain previously known as ‘Southern Sky Column  was renamed officially to Avatar Hallelujah Mountain.


The Hallelujah mountains in Pandora planet are floating islands. From this view, we can feel it.


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…. To be continued… in next post

ZJJ part 2 – trails

In ZJJ, the trails are imposing…

this winding road has total 99 corners

and belongs to one of the most dangerous roads

the best place to take photo this trail is from cable car

this cable car route is around 7455 meters long, and 1279m different b/w the highest point and lowest point

stairway to heaven


this suspension bridge surrounded by mountains and trees, around 350m height. Looking down while crossing this trail, my heart beats faster

easy up, hard down

we felt like in Elysium when walking along this trail, looking at the foggy scene around

… to be continued with: lake, mountain, and the smile wanderers themselves

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Yosemite National Park

There are 4 places in US in which we – the 2 smile wanderers – would love to visit most: the Far West (where the Native Americans lived), the Grand Canyon, the Yellowstone National Park, and the Yosemite National Park.

Of course, the Far West dream can only become true if we permanently stay in there. On business/on-site trip, we only have free time at weekends, and this is not enough to travel in this amazing historical-cultural-landscape area.

Last July, one of us had a chance to enjoy the unforgettable period in Yosemite National Park.

quiet & peaceful place, where stress-from-modern-life is forbidden to be

stone house, where to widely open eyes to cover the picturesque landscape

here the granite mountains

the smile wanderer and the root of the giant tree

the cover of this blog: mountains-river-trees

Here are some links:

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Yosemite photos: from Google Image