Turkey – part 2: Pamukkale

People come to Pamukkale in order to soak themselves under the hot springs at special place: the white travertines.

Next to the entrance, beneath the hill, there is a wide picturesque view with the crystal lake and mallards.


It’s in the winter, but the white color isn’t snow. Yes, it’s white limestone hill.

We walked up by bare feet, and there were many places we felt like bitten by needles because of cold water (the temp outside was 1-3 degree Celsius in mid of December), but fortunately, there were some place the water was warm (I guess because of the reaction between lime and water).

the travertine

the travertine

On top of the hill, there is an ancient ruin: the Hierapolis
We could see the temple of Apollo:

Apollo temple @ Hierapolis

Apollo temple @ Hierapolis

And this is the Plutonium (Gate to Hell), which is believed the portal to the underworld in Greco-Roman mythology and tradition:

Gate to Hell (Plutonium)

Gate to Hell (Plutonium)

It’s quite calm in the villages/towns around Pamukkale. If you have chance to visit there, we would suggest to come to any small coffee shop and give sahlep a try. We had a good time with this kind of drink, from an old lovely couples 🙂

(to be continued)


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