Transylvania: Picturesque Biertan

The fortified church of Biertan – one of the first Saxon villages in Transylvania Romania, is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage monument.


The picturesque small village situated at the end of 8km side road from the main road between Medias and Sighisoara is one of the most beautiful villages in Romanian countryside in our opinion.


Public buses are only available during weekdays. So to get there, our plan was to hitchhike any cars from Medias to Dumbraveri, dropped in the middle, and continued walking 8km to Biertan. In fact, it was much more than we expected. People in Transylvania are soooo kind. After 2-hour bus from Sibiu to Medias, while we were walkinng from bus station to the main road for a lift, a local man stopped and gave us a ride. Immediately, we sat safely in the car. After some good small talks, he firstly let us know that he would drop us in somewhere far from Biertan 6km. However, he ‘secretly’ took us to the right destination that we didn’t even know we arrived. Without spending time for walking, we had a lot pleasure time and peaceful moments in the fortified church and around village. Thanks a lot for Transylvania people kindness!

Built from 1492 to 1516, located in the top of the hill, and surrounded by 3 fortified rings which shaped like a snail, the majestic fortified church of Biertan is mentioned as the strongest medieval church in Transylvania.

Architecture inside the church [altar-piece, pulpit…]:



In autumn, leaves are turning to yellow/red. In the autumn breeze, standing in the high place from the church, we enjoyed the colorful pastures, the smokey chimneys of the houses from the village, the typical Saxon houses with pastel colors. What a breathtaking view!




Walking around the village is also a must. The local people are so friendly, seeing us babbling a few Romanian words, they looked so excited and cheerful, then asked if we wanted to eat some bread ^^.

On the way back, we decided walking from the village to the main road instead of hitchhiking directly. The road from the valley is fully covered by wild flowers, trees with green/yellow/red leaves. DSC_0055




The village ambiance is like a beautiful harmonic rhythm. It’s a must in Transylvania area. Really impress and love this place.


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