Where we call home

Warm and well-fed


Calm, green, and serenity


These photos were actually taken at the Kamthieng House Museum which belongs to the Siam Society in Bangkok, Thailand. This is a Thai traditional house from Chiang Mai and have been relocated to Bangkok. To me, it’s a gem in the middle of city, a hidden gem, because not so many tourists choose to visit here. I was so surprised to see only few Japanese tourists when I arrived. People usually visit Jim Thompson’s house instead. I guess perhaps Jim Thompson’s house has a better broadcast. I visited both houses but I would go with KamThieng where I could feel the calm and serenity. I felt missing my country so much when I looked at the simple common tools/utensils in a peaceful ambiance. A place where I realized that I loved my country from my heart when I listened to the Lanna’s traditional music. This kind of music sounds similar to Vietnamese court music… mm…mm… I think the most beautiful thing of wandering is when we see, learn, and realize some meaningful lesson. Indeed!

Ah, by the way, I would like to show some more photos of this museum. The entrance fee is 100Baht.








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