Vietnam Beauty

** Long time no post!!! Con_thuyen_khong_ben The photo was taken in Hue – Vietnam during our 3-week trip back to VN for Tet holidays in Feb 2013. It was actually a fortunate shot. I firstly intended to capture the river. While I was leaning toward the river with my camera, a poor boatman suddenly appeared a close proximity of my camera’s position… and my responsibility was to accomplish the task beautifully.

Vietnam is so beautiful, isn’t it? Beyond amazing landscape, VN is a feast of history and culture. It simply has a fulfillment of tourism development. However… Sadly enough to be disappointed, VN is one of countries where tourists once arrive but would never return to. We know thoroughly because we also encounter many similar bad things from our visit to some famous spots.

But we still love VN as we love our home. You will always feel comfortable at your home even it’s just a dirty small flat. In our dream, one day we will settle down in VN, and open a coffee shop for backpacking travelers where we collect and share all useful information to make the best trip ever in VN.

You may say it’s just a daydream. Yes, but we are still working in Engineering domain to pursuit that dream.


4 thoughts on “Vietnam Beauty

  1. As a fellow engineer working on a career change I understand exactly where you come from. Keep the dream alive! You have a beautiful country. I would love to visit it.

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