ZJJ – part 5: Cliffs

We said that we would post some more pictures soon, but we delayed it until now.

The pictures we are going to show here are what Zhangjiajie is all about. It’s one of the most eye-catching incredible spots we’ve ever seen.

Tianbo Mansion



Corridor in the Cliffs





Amazing karst formations in Wulingyuan area:


Getting there:

1. Arriving Guangzhou by 2-hour flight, we took a high speed train to Changsa, capital of Hunan province. There are plenty of ways to Zhangjiajie: by train, by air, by bus. We took  a night train with hard sleeper at 11:00 pm to Zhangjiajie, though bus is more convenient. It normally takes 5hrs by train/bus to arrive the destination.

2. Without tour guide, getting lost is easy. We booked a private tour from a Chinese Tourist company. The first day, we were quite disappointed because of very bad services and attitudes. However, we were very pleased since the second day when we met another tour guide. A young girl who spoke English fluently could help you to make the unforgettable vacation. I write her email here in case if you guys want to make a chance to visit Zhangjiajie: Gaby – chrishui1108@yahoo.cn.

3. Must see: Garden in the air or Corridor in the cliffs, One Step to Heaven ==> These places are quieter than others. The path is running on the top of the peaks. It’s carved over the cliffs. We need to hike up and down, up and down. Both exciting and exhausted!

Avatar area, Tianbo Mansion: it’s bursting with loud tourists.

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