ZJJ – part 4: Floating mountains

The spectacular site that they believe we have a real Pandora planet on the Earth, not only in Avatar movie by James Cameron anymore. The only difference is mountains in ZJJ are not floating peaks. Though we were hopelessly crazily searching for naked blue skin N’avi people, we made the best trip ever. With 2 days of long distance hiking in park, we hiked, we run, we were surrounded by trees and mountains. When we were tired, we were inspired from sounds of birds… Needless to say, hope you guys who are stopping by enjoy the show 😀

It’s called Avatar area ^_* [Of course it was renamed after Avatar film]



Scenes on the way to Hallelujah mountain



And here is Hallelujah Mountain. The mountain previously known as ‘Southern Sky Column  was renamed officially to Avatar Hallelujah Mountain.


The Hallelujah mountains in Pandora planet are floating islands. From this view, we can feel it.


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…. To be continued… in next post


17 thoughts on “ZJJ – part 4: Floating mountains

    • Thank you!
      The topography of this area is not only about the mountains, but also the trails and the lake (which is surrounded by peaks), and of course the cliff (which we’ll share in next entry).

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