ZJJ part 2 – trails

In ZJJ, the trails are imposing…

this winding road has total 99 corners

and belongs to one of the most dangerous roads

the best place to take photo this trail is from cable car

this cable car route is around 7455 meters long, and 1279m different b/w the highest point and lowest point

stairway to heaven


this suspension bridge surrounded by mountains and trees, around 350m height. Looking down while crossing this trail, my heart beats faster

easy up, hard down

we felt like in Elysium when walking along this trail, looking at the foggy scene around

… to be continued with: lake, mountain, and the smile wanderers themselves

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17 thoughts on “ZJJ part 2 – trails

  1. These photos made me want to pack and visit these places immediately! Awesome shots! Please write about how to get to these places and some other important information that help any traveler plan their tour.

    • Indeed, number 9 in Chinese culture has special meaning, represents for luck, success, and relates to Emperor. Thus, I think this is the reason they made 99 turns instead of rounding it up to 100 🙂
      BTW, thanks Katy for stopping by and leaving nice comments ^^

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