ZJJ part 1 – the dragon cave

After 6months apart from each other, we gathered and had the amazing trip in ZJJ (Trương Gia Giới).

Mother Nature gave too many favors to this area: not only spectacular trails along mountains, but also the lake and the cave. And this entry is about the dragon cave.

Normally, in the place of limestone/karst (from which chemical composition is mainly CaCO3) and groundwater, there is a chance to form a cave. This is applied in ZJJ.

I had an unforgettable memory in Phong Nha cave 17 years ago with my family. Comparing to Phong Nha and the amazing Son Doong cave in Vietnam, this dragon cave in ZJJ is much smaller but still worth visiting/discovering in around 3hours.

entrance to the dragon kingdom

the shadow


old man meditating

People said that this looks like the egg of the dragon, but we feel more like an old man who is being sunk in his thinking.

the sea suppressing needle

In spring 2013, when coming back home in Vietnam, definitely we’ll head down Son Doong – the World’s largest cave.

… to be continued with: trail, lake, mountain, and the smile wanderers themselves


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