My hitchhiking lesson

Hitchhiking may sound strange in the East side (Asia), but is well known in the West (North America, and Europe).

In short, it’s a mean of usually-free-transportation. We thump up to ask the (friendly) car/truck/bike driver for a lift to further point, and this repeats until we reach our target destination. Usually (not always) we pay no coin, but we should create the exciting and joyful atmosphere so that the driver feels happier than himself alone on the long road.

5 months ago, I got to know this from a German all-over-the-world-traveler, whose freestyle backpacking and hitchhiking are parts of his blood. He travelled from Europe, across West Asia, along the East coast of Africa, headed South Africa on a 20-month period. And the transportation type during this fantastic trip is hitchhiking.

I was more than lucky to learn his skills, during the time hosting this great guy.




It’s funny that we chose this valley as a spot, and a carriage instead of a car/truck. But it did help because later on, in the real situation, I successfully asked even one taxi driver a 10-km road for free!

About the sign (which contains our target destination): some say it’s useful (because the drivers will know where we want to go) and some say it’s not (because no one taking care or focusing on). But I myself think that: let’s be flexible in use.

My sign, CARRY ME HOME is not good because it is a name of nowhere (so the driver may think I just do it for fun). But on another side, it’s good because it attracts the drivers. I like to deal with the dice ;-).


Now, welcome to hitchhiking – the lost art!

Hitchhiking Wikipedia: some stubs for what-is-this-about concerns

Hitchhiking tips: very nice how-to lesson

Spots to hitchhike: where should we get a lift?

Hitchhikers’ agency: here they are the kind-hearted drivers, who kindly give us free lifts for nothing except a talk-n-laugh



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