Mount Kinabalu – Low’s Peak 4095m

The special moments on this hike are not only about the time standing up the peak, but also the period on trails with big trees and harmonious melodies from birds.

This is the vivid route from site

We started around 9:30AM, passing through the Timpohon Gate, and head to Low’s Peak.

The wanderer’s shadow

I did like the smell of the decomposed leaves, and of the humus. Together with the giant foliages, we can distinguish the tropical area from subtropical & temperate one.

The meaningful slogan

Before checking-in the lodge, these signs immediately impressed me.

The lodge – Laban Rata rest house

We arrived here around 5:30PM, re-charged energy, and slept.

Sunset from Laban Rata view

We continued our hike around 2:30AM the next day (in order to summit when sunrise). At the place 3500m above the sea-level, it’s very cold (we could see some ice), windy and dark. No photo here (what’s a pity, but firstly, I should prevent myself falling down 😀 )

And this is an amazing this moment

The once-used raincoat could be used against the wind.


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