The ancient Mayan, Egyptians, Greeks, and Chinese knew how to calculate the time/day/month/year more than 2500 years ago. They used the sun, the moon, the river, and even the stone to make their old clock. As a child, I was interested in these stories.

In Prague Sept-2009, I saw a strange but attractive one: astronomical clock.

astronomical clock in Prague

It’s around 20%-scale passed 9:00AM (~9:10AM local time).
The sunrise is around 6:00AM, and the sunset is around 7:00PM (and yes, it’s the daylight in Prague this period).
Neither solar nor lunar eclipse.

While the above 600-year-old clock is still running, seems the time here in the park suspended…

where the day flows…

I do like looking at this photo while listening to “Only Time” from Enya.


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