Hoian ancient town

This my beloved hometown, my memorial childhood  (happy)
One of the best ancient towns in Vietnam.

Hoian ancient town – Hoai river view

Hoian (to be precise: Hoi An), the name means “Peace Place”.
It was a luxuriant seaport in 16th-18th century, where lots of traders from all over the world (Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, China, Japan, Britain , etc…) arrived. Then had turned into a sleepy town till 1990s. And now wakes up to become one of the most attractive World Heritage ancient places.

Here, you can find:
– very well preserved old houses, which mix the Chinese-Japanese-Vietnamese architect.
– the Japanese Pagoda (another name is Bridge Pagoda) which (in legend) keeps the tail of the dragon, in order to prevent the earthquake in China (the body of the dragon) and Japan (the head of the dragon). This is the symbol of Hoian.
– small & nice painting galleries, in front of old houses.
– farmers with their buffaloes in the rice-field, which easily observed in all other countrysides of Vietnam. You can ask to stay in their house (home-stay), then harvest like a farmer, cook Vietnamese food and enjoy your work (it more or less relates to WWOOF if you know about this)
– people on many boats … on the street during the flood season (from Oct to Nov).
lanterns at weekend nights, and there is also a lantern festival in the middle of July of Lunar Calendar.
– extremely beautiful seaside (Cua Dai beach)
– fantastic Cham island (5km far from the seaside, by boat on the sea)

– many special-traditional food: Pho, Cao Lau (noodle boiled with astray water), Mi Quang (Quang yellow noodle), Banh dap (cracked rice paper), together with total fresh sea-food … We need at least 1 day to list out all the delicious dishes in Hoian.
– and … very cheap beer (around 20 US cent for 1 glass of 300ml).

Come, and experience yourself 🙂

Along with the bible for backpackers/free-travelers Lonely Planet, here in below you can find some other info:

Hoian wikipedia
Photos of Hoian ancient town (from Google)
Photos of Cham island (from Google)


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